Stock list of new racket strings from Restring in Leeds
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What’s in Stock

String Selection

Latest Stock at Restring in Leeds

Below are examples of the stock I carry. If your string of choice isn’t listed below then I can order it in for you. New strings are constantly being tested and reviewed so the stock list is constantly evolving. My testers and I have tried many strings and listed below are the best of the best that we’ve tried. If you’d like to offer an opinion or recommend a string for us then please get in touch! For more extensive reviews on all these strings go to  or All the prices quoted below include labour, materials and usually delivery and collection depending on your location.

Squash Strings

Ashaway Supernick – Although I don’t carry much stock of squash string, the feedback I get is that this is often the best string people have ever used. Highly recommended. £22

Ashaway Powernick – As the name suggests, this string is great for power and really durable as well. Worth a try! £20

Prince Synthetic Gut – Cheaper option to the Ashaway but still a very high performing string. Slightly thinner so less durable. £15

Tecnifibre 305 – Now stocking this legendary string in two gauges – 1.10mm for extra power and feel and 1.30mm for for great durability. £23

Badminton Strings

Yonex BG80 – Simply the best badminton string on the market! £20



RPM Blast – The string of choice of Mr Nadal. Pretty durable and excellent tension retention. Available in 1.25mm or 1.30mm gauge. £20
Synthetic Gut – Pretty good for the crosses in a hybrid. £16


Ice – A real surprise package! I tried this string with very low expectations but it turned out to be awesome! Best suited for flat hitters, the durability and tension maintenance is well above average. Recommended. £16


 Savage: A fabulous all round string – ideal if you’re thinking of changing from synthetic gut to poly. – £18


ALU Power  – Currently my best seller and massively popular on the pro tour with, amongst others Djokovic, Murray and Federer all using it in their set ups. £25
4G Rough – Want more control but still need access to spin? This is what you need. Serena Williams uses this in a hybrid. £20


Synthetic Gut with Duraflex – Prince claim this is the biggest selling string Worldwide. Very durable for a synthetic gut. Recommended. £18

Tournament Poly – Extremely durable and recommended for occasional players. £16


Hyper G – Very much a new string but outstanding tension maintenance and durability.This has generated incredible reviews on various forums. £20
Revolution – Quite similar to Hyper G but because of its hexagonal profile it can generate more spin. I found it very easy on the arm. £20


Red Code: Very stiff poly. Cheaper alternative to ALU power. £18

Synthetic Gut – Good enough for a cross in a hybrid and underrated if used in a full bed. £18

Multi-Feel – Again best used in a hybrid, particularly if you have arm problems. £18


Sensation – My biggest selling synthetic gut. Recommended. £18
Enduro Pro – Steady and unspectacular. Similar to Prince Tournament Poly. £16
Ultra Synthetic Gut – My cheapest string. For occasional players on an extremely tight budget. £12

Revolve – Outstanding offering from Wilson. Fantastic all round string and comes in a bright orange colour. Great spin potential, durability and feel. Highly recommended. £20


Poly Tour Pro – The string of choice of Nick Kyrgios and despite being quite new to the market has built up a loyal following. Worth a try. £20

Limited Stock, special offers or currently being tested:


Powernick – 1.05mm gauge ONLY £10 


RPM Blast Rough (£20)

Xcel (£18)

Origin (£18)

Contact Spin (£18)


Original (£20)


Beast (£18)


Vanquish (£18)

Barb Wire (£18)

X – Natural (£18)


305 – 1.10mm gauge ONLY £12


Ripspin (£18)


Poly Tour Spin (£18)

tennis rackets
In my rackets at the moment, Wilson Revolve (in stock) and Yonex Poly Tour Spin (Being tested).