I believe that to string and service rackets properly and for your customers to have confidence that you can do that, the best equipment and the highest possible qualifications should be attained. That is why I’m one of the few stringers in the UK to be certified to Master Professional Stringer by the European Racket Stringers Association. I use the best machines on the market – a Wilson Baiardo (used at the US Open) for stringing and a HEAD 3-in-1 racket diagnostic machine for customising. I only use top branded, premium quality strings and equipment – you simply won’t find budget brands here. I will continue to strive to improve and invest both in myself and my equipment to give my customers the absolute premium in both service and quality.

Providing a quality, affordable stringing service is only a part of what I do…..

Racket Customisation and Matching: Using my state of the art HEAD 3-in-1 racket diagnostic machine I can customise your rackets to exactly your liking. Have you got two rackets the same but they play differently or feel different to each other? That could be because some manufacturers have a plus or minus 15g tolerance on the frames they make. This might not sound like much but it can make a big difference to the swingweight or balance point of your racket. If you feel this on your rackets I can test them for free and then work with you to customise them exactly to your liking.

Change the grip size on your racket: Have you grown out of your racket or your preferred grip size isn’t available? Relax! I can sort it for you using a special heat sleeve. On HEAD rackets I can increase or decrease the grip size thanks to HEAD’s unique pallet system on their handles that makes it reasonably straightforward to change without adding weight to the racket, which using a heat sleeve will.

Advice and sourcing new rackets: Do you need a new racket? Thanks to the relationships I have built up over the years with suppliers and retailers I can usually get you a great deal on your favourite rackets. Every racket supplied through me will be strung by me so you can be certain your new racket will be in perfect condition.

Just say “Hi!” Although racket sports are generally individual pursuits they are also social. So if you just want to have a chat about tennis or anything related to tennis drop me a text or give me a call!

I have also been a tennis coach and although I no longer coach I have been certified by the USPTR, RPT, LTA and the Sanchez-Casal high performance academy in Barcelona. I was proud to serve on the committee at Roundhay Tennis Club for nearly 20 years including 5 as President. I’ve won the men’s singles title 4 times at the club and the men’s doubles and mixed doubles titles. I’ve competed across the country and have been part of teams that have won the Leeds League on two occasions.

My home tennis club at Roundhay