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Latest Stock at Restring in Leeds

Below are examples of the stock I carry. I also have dozens of odd sets of string so please feel free to ask if your favourite isn’t listed – I may actually have it! If your string of choice isn’t listed below then I can order it in for you. New strings are constantly being tested and reviewed so the stock list is constantly evolving. My testers and I have tried many strings and listed below are the best of the best that we’ve tried. If you’d like to offer an opinion or recommend a string for us then please get in touch! For more extensive reviews on all these strings go to www.tenniswarehouse.com  or www.stringforum.net.

All the prices quoted below include labour, materials and delivery and collection depending on your location.

Grips, Over grips and dampeners

Babolat Dampener – £2

Babolat – Syntec uptake (Full grip) £6

Babolat VS Feel over grip – £4

Head Xtreme Soft over grip – £3

Head Hydrosorb Pro grip £8

Karakal PU Super Grip (Great for badminton) – £3

Luxilon Elite Dry – Known for their high performance strings, try their over grip too. – £3

Prince Resi Pro over grip – £3

Tecnifibre Contact Pro over grip – £3

Tecnifibre Squash grip – £5

Wilson Pro Over grip – £3

Wilson Sublime (Full grip) £8

Yonex Hi Soft Grap (Full grip best suited for badminton) – £3

Yonex Over grip – £3

The prices above include the fitting of the grips, however I reserve the right to decline to do this if the previous grip is extremely degraded.

Racquetball Strings

Ashaway Superkill – Very popular among players of all levels, outstanding multifilament. £27

Head Megablast: One of the few stand alone racquetball strings on the market – £24.

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex – A hugely popular tennis string that can also be used for racquetball. £22.


Squash Strings

Ashaway Supernick XL – This is my biggest selling string and is renowned across the globe. Highly recommended. £26

Supernick ZX – Slightly more favourable to the touch player than XL £26.

Ultranick – Not as textured as the Supernicks so has a slightly crisper feel to it. As used by England’s number 1 Patrick Rooney. £26.

Oblivion Hybrid – The perfect combination of power and feel is this premier string. Expensive but worth it! £30.

Dunlop Silk – Great option for the casual player. £18

Prince Lightning XX – Great multifilament from Prince. £18.

Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut – Cheaper option to the Ashaway but still a very high performing string. Slightly thinner so less durable. £18

Tecnifibre 305  – Widely used by professionals. £26

Dynamix – Great for power and used by current World number 1 Mohamed El Shorbagy £28

Badminton Strings

Yonex BG80 – If you like a high tension (over 25lbs) in your racket this is one of the few that can take it. Tends to break quickly if you mishit regularly. £20

Yonex BG80 Power  – A softer feel to the regular BG80. As the name suggests it offers more power so better for smashes. £22.

Yonex BG3 – Yonex’s budget option if you’re a casual player. £16

Yonex BG Aero Bite – Yonex’s premier hybrid. £23

Yonex BG65 – Slightly more user friendly than the BG80 as it’s a soft feeling string. £20.

Yonex BG65 Titanium – More durable than the regular BG65 but with a harder feeling. My best selling badminton string with BG66.£22

Yonex BG66 Ultimax – Medium feeling string and massively popular. £22.

Yonex Exbolt 65 – New out in 2022. Very durable and fantastic tension retention – this will still feel freshly strung for a long time. Great control oriented string. £22.

Yonex nanogy 98 – Another medium feeling string and has the highest repulsion power in the Yonex range. Amazing for high and defensive shots. £22.

Ashaway Zymax 68 – Excellent alternative to the Yonex range. £20.

Victor VBS – 68 – This is a stiff string but not as stiff as BG80. Great tension maintenance. Recommended. £22.



RPM Blast – My biggest selling string and the string of choice of Mr Nadal. Pretty durable and excellent tension retention. Available in 1.25mm or 1.30mm gauge. £24

RPM Power – More pop off the stringbed than the Blast.£24.

RPM Rough – Similar to Blast but with even more access to spin and great control. £24

SG SpiralTek –Very popular multifilament. £22

Synthetic Gut – Pretty good for the crosses in a hybrid. £18

Xcel – Very close in many ways to natural gut. Babolat’s premier multifilament. £28


Black Widow – Great access to spin due to its multi-sided design and very comfortable also. Best for spin on the market. £22

Explosive Spin – Fantastic all round poly.£24

Explosive Speed – Powerful, soft feel.£24


Sonic Pro EdgeA fabulous all round string – ideal if you’re thinking of changing from synthetic gut to poly. – £22

Lynx – Very impressive offering from Head, this string appeals to a wide variety of players who are progressing to a higher level. Access to loads of spin and above average tension maintenance for a soft poly. – £22.

RIP Control – Very popular multifilament due to it’s durability, spin potential and comfort. £24

Lynx Tour – Great feel, good tension maintenance and control but this offers exceptional spin too. £24

Hawk – HEAD’s most popular poly. £26

Hawk Rough – The rough version of HEAD’s most popular polyester. £24.

Hawk Touch – One of the best for helping with control. £26

Hawk Power – The latest string from Head.£26

Velocity MLT – One of the most popular multifilaments. Great as a hybrid or in a full bed. £20


Adrenaline: Good control but still a lively poly and comfortable on the arm too. £24.

Element – The best string for players transitioning from a multifilament or synthetic gut to a poly. Outstanding durability and ticks every single box going. Highly recommended. £30

Element Soft IR – Aimed specifically at young performance players who are advancing away from multifilaments. This was the best string to come out in 2023.£30.

ALU Power Eco – Want to reduce your carbon footprint? This is the first and so far only string to be made from recycled materials.£30.

ALU Power Ice Blue – Blue version from this popular range.£30

ALU Power  –  Widely used and popular on the pro tour with, amongst others Djokovic and Andy Murray both using it in their set ups. Available in both 1.25mm and 1.30mm. £28

ALU Power Soft – As the name suggests this is slightly softer than the massively popular original. Still stiffer than most other poly’s however so don’t be fooled by this! £28

ALU Power Rough – Now stocking this legendary string. Roger Federer uses this in his hybrid set up. – £28

ALU Power Vibe – The newest string from Luxilon and I didn’t hesitate to add it to the range. It feels like a multifilament but plays like a poly. Fabulous. £30.

4G Rough – Want more control but still need access to spin? This is what you need. Serena Williams uses this in a hybrid. £25.


Synthetic Gut with Duraflex – Prince claim this is the biggest selling string Worldwide. Very durable for a synthetic gut. Recommended. £20

Prince Tour Xtra Power – Perfect for more experienced players looking for a no frills poly. Great power. £22.


Hyper G – Very highly recommended polyester, widely used on the pro tour particularly amongst doubles players. Gives you plenty of spin and power. £24

Hyper G Soft – One of the best around at the moment. Hugely popular and lovely mix of feel and power. £24

Outlast – Outstanding durability from this string – I break a lot of strings when I play but this outlasted pretty much everything else I’ve tried and the performance didn’t dip either. – £24. 

Pro Stacked – Works really well with any poly in a hybrid, particularly the Solinco range and also in a full bed if you like synthetic guts. 1.30 gauge. £18.

Tour Bite – One of the best there is…very highly rated poly. £24

Tour Bite Soft –  This soft version of the popular Tour Bite is very easy on the arm without losing too much of the bite. £24

Confidential – The latest offering from Solinco and as usual it’s outstanding. Great tension maintenance. £24


Synthetic Gut – Good enough for a cross in a hybrid and underrated if used in a full bed. £18

Triax – Fairly new to the market but outstanding and fairly unique – 50% poly and 50% multifilament. Tecnifibre are well know for their softer strings and this one stands out from the rest. £26

Razor Code: Probably Tecnifibre’s most popular poly. £24

Razor Code Soft: Currently being used by Medvedev. £24


Sensation – My biggest selling multifilament. Recommended. £22

Revolve – Outstanding offering from Wilson. Fantastic all round string with great spin potential, durability and feel. Highly recommended. £22.

NXT – Widely regarded as the string closest to natural gut.£28.


Poly Tour Pro – The string of choice of Nick Kyrgios and despite being quite new to the market has built up a loyal following and is now one of my biggest sellers. Available in 1.25mm or 1.30mm gauge. £22

Poly Tour Spin – Need more spin than the Poly Tour Pro offers but still need the same comfort? Look no further. – £24.

Poly Tour Strike – Really solid poly…ticks all the boxes if you’re looking for control, tension maintenance and a stiff feel. Outstanding durability – £26.

Rexis – High level multifilament, perfect for junior players. Soft enough to help avoid arm problems but still plenty of access to spin. £24

Limited Stock, special offers or currently being tested:


Powernick – 1.05mm gauge ONLY £10 


RPM Soft – £24


Pro X Silver – £20

Solstice Power – £24


Alu Power Roland Garros – £30

Smart – £28

Savage – £26

Forest Green Element – £30

4G – £30

4G Desert Bronze – £30


Beast – £18

Lightning XX – £18

Synthetic gut with Duraflex Rainbow (Limited edition) £22

Warrior Response – £20


Vanquish (£18)

Barb Wire – £18

X – Natural – £18

Tour Bite Diamond Rough – £18


Black Code – £22


Poly Tour Tough – £22

Tour Super 850 – £18

Poly Tour Drive – £20

Dynawire – £20

Tour Super 850 Pro – £20


Ripspin £18

Revolve Twist £20

NXT Power – £28


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In my rackets at the moment, Wilson Revolve (in stock) and Yonex Poly Tour Spin (Being tested).