Tennis, Squash and Badmington Racket restring in Leeds, Yorkshire
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Tennis Racket String

Welcome to Restring in Leeds

My name is Chris Harper and tennis and stringing rackets is my passion. If you are in the Leeds area and need a restring or simply need advice on stringing or tennis in general then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am the only stringer in the Leeds area to offer a collection and delivery service, often at no extra cost.

I began stringing for myself a few years ago after I got disillusioned with other stringers in Leeds. I thought they took my custom for granted. I had to go to a sports shop or someone’s house to get my racket restrung. I thought “Who is providing the service here?” Often I would pay premium prices for a restring and I wouldn’t even know what was in my racket. The stringer had no idea about how I played or what string might suit me so how could they do a thorough job?

My aim is simple – I want to give everybody who comes to me for a restring 100% satisfaction. In the rackets sports industry it is important to get things right. I tell all my customers the same thing: “I want you to come back to me time after time. I want you to tell your friends about me. If you aren’t happy with your restring I will take out the strings and put something else in free of charge until you are totally satisfied”.

NEW FOR 2020 – I recently upgraded my stringing machine to a Wilson Baiardo which is one of the most renowned machines in the world. It has been used at many grand slam events in tennis, the world championships in both squash and badminton. Not only do I get to use a world class machine that is highly accurate and quick, it means I can string you rackets more efficiently which is reflected in the prices I charge. 

squash racket


squash racket


badmington racket